Our Mission

To provide the best in Martial arts training create tomorrow's leaders! one black belt at time. At Taekwondo art of excellence we teach Discipline, Respect, Focus and Leadership through the traditional Korean martial art and Olympic sport Taekwondo. As a fun workout for everyone, it builds strength balance and flexibility and relieves stress. It sharpens focus for kinds and improve their concentration and attitude at school and at home. It also help bully proof kids, kids learn to build confidence, and to respect themselves and others. Taekwondo is good, clean, fun for kids and adults. It is a great way to burn off extra calories and develop strong social skills in prositive environment family members can work together toward common goals, with other motivated and positive families

Our Status

Weight Loss 100%
Weight Gain 80%
Strength & Stamina 90%
Childs Mental Ability 75%


Taekwondo is one of the most systematic and scientific Korean traditional martial arts, that teaches more than physical fighting skills.

Let's take a closer look at the meaning of the word "Tae" "Kwon" "Do."

It is composed of three parts as shown in the English spelling, though it is one word in Korean. "Tae" means "foot," "leg," or "to step on"; "Kwon" means "fist," or "fight"; and "Do" means the "way" or "discipline."

First, Taekwondo is the right way of using Tae and Kwon 'fists and feet,' or all the parts of the body that are represented by fists and feet. Second, it is a way to control or calm down fights and keep the peace. This concept comes from the meaning of Tae Kwon 'to put fists under control' [or 'to step on fists']. Thus Taekwondo means "the right way of using all parts of the body to stop fights and help to build a better and more peaceful world."

What is WTF?

The World Taekwondo Federation is the international governing body for sport Taekwondo and is a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The WTF also acts as a support service in training referees and officials and promoting sport taekwondo worldwide.

World Taekwondo was established on May 28, 1973 at the inaugural meeting held at the Kukkiwon with participation of 35 representatives from the world. At that time Un Yong Kim was elected president for a four-year term.

The mission of World Taekwondo is to provide effective international governance of Taekwondo as an Olympic sport and Paralympic sport. The envisioned objectives of World Taekwondo are to promote, expand, and improve worldwide the practice of taekwondo in light of its educational, cultural, and sports values and to promote fair play, youth development, and education as well as to encourage peace and cooperation though participation in sports


The Kukkiwon is the official governing body of Taekwondo as established by the South Korean government. All alliance Taekwondo students are Kukkiwon certified, a certification that is recognized at Kukkiwon associated training halls around the world.

In May 1973, the Korea Taekwondo Association and Kukkiwon hosted the first World Taekwondo Championships, with 200 taekwondo competitors from 17 countries in attendance. Kukkiwon has had a permanent taekwondo demonstration team since September 1974.

The current president is Grandmaster OH Hyun Deuk, who was elected June 3nd, 2016.

  • White Belt

    The pure ground . No Taekwondo Experience.A root from the mature plant reaches the pure ground. The student comes under the guidance and direction of the master.

  • Yellow Belt

    A new root system begins to grow. The student begins to understand the foundational skills of martial arts

  • Green Belt

    The new plant starts to reach towards ground level in the same way, the student starts to reach towards the future in Taekwondo with the guidance of the master.

  • Blue Belt

    A new plant reaches ground level as the highest level low belt, the student turns their focus to maturing as martial artist.

  • Red Belt

    A Bamboo stak begins to grow. The student has developed a higher belt martial arts attutude along with the development of higher level techniques needed for black belt achievement.

  • Black Belt

    The first leaf starts to develop. The student re-evaluates their skills and knowledge in Taekwondo.

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